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Send Judah First – Apple Pan Dowdy Recipe

In Send Judah First,author Brian C. Johnson not only opens a powerful and heart-wrenching door into Judah’s life, but also into Belle Grove’s kitchen where Judah served as head cook from 1817-1836. Today, we’re sharing one of the author’s favorite recipes: Apple Pan Dowdy. Ingredient quantities have been added for baking convenience!

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Send Judah First – Author Q & A with Brian C. Johnson

Author and advocate, Brian C. Johnson, has committed himself personally and professionally to the advancement of multicultural and inclusive education. His newest work of historical fiction, Send Judah First, is based on the life of of Belle Grove Plantation’s head cook…

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Wildflower Girl – Author Interview

Idaho Author, Dana Stewart Quinney, recently took a few minutes to answer questions about her newest book, Wildflower Girl. Wildflower Girlis comprised of Dana’s childhood stories growing up in the mountain town of Ketchum, Idaho.

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Wild Flower Girl

Born to love the richness and magic of the wilds, Dana rode horses and learned to fly fish from her father, a legendary guide. She learned the names of flowers and trees, and the habits of animals that lived nearby . . .

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Top Ten Idaho Books

Fact: people love Idaho. For outsiders, the state holds a certain mystery and awe that spans far beyond potatoes. Idaho’s rugged and wild terrain attracts adventurers and wanderers from around the country.

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Hidden Shelf Trivia

In 1952, Bernard Malamud’s first published novel was The Natural. The movie version starring Robert Redford came 32 years later.

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