“A comical, off-kilter view of the world, captured by the observant and wry labradoodle, Loose. Anybody who knows the joy of a dog’s quirky devotion will love this book. It’s probably best read with your toes in the sand, a wet mutt curled up at your feet.”
– Tod Leonard, San Diego Union-Tribune

“Walking through the life of Sundance and Loose, you begin to see dogs in a whole new perspective. Full of fun adventures and surprises, there is never a dull moment in Loose Chronicles.”
– Avery Jackson, age 12

A Glimpse at the Real Sundance and Loose

Meet The Author

Bob Gaines

Born into a naval family in 1945, Bob Gaines was raised in California, Rhode Island, and Virginia. Even as a child, he had an obsession for recording his stray thoughts into hundreds of notebooks.

After graduating from San Diego State, Bob became an award-winning sportswriter and columnist for the largest daily newspaper in North San Diego County, soon noted for both his humor and ability to portray the depth and compassion of his subjects.

In the early 1990s, Bob left California to become director of development communications at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. He edited The Beauty of Bucknell (Harmony House, 2001), along with being the key writer for hundreds of university publications and several Bucknell documentaries.

The Loose Chronicles is the third book he has had published, after The Three Mathewsons (Hidden Shelf 2012) and The Christian Gentleman: How Christy Mathewson’s Faith and Fastball Forever Changed Baseball(Roman & Littlefield 2015). One Christmas Lasts Forever will be released this fall. His first novel—The Brave Historian—will be published by Hidden Shelf in 2019.

Meet The Artist

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris is a digital illustrator and fine artist. She creates colorful and soft illustrations and paintings that are inspired by figure and portrait artwork, and the natural world around us. Sarah’s preferred media is Photoshop CS5 using a Cintiq 22HD, graphite pencils, and oils.  Her Art education started with high school classes and she graduated from the College of Idaho with a BFA in Fine Art.

She currently lives in Idaho with her husband, James. When she’s not actively painting she plays volleyball, enjoys backpacking and fishing, and plays video games.

Other books that Sarah has illustrated include: The Extreme Adventures of Wrecking Rex: The BMX Race: Adventure One by Cindy Teddy Williams, and One Christmas Lasts Forever (2017) By R.D. Gaines.

Newest Release!

While exploring the Magpie Mine, best friends’ Cal and James accidentally overhear a couple of local hooligans burying a mysterious chest. Naturally, the boys investigate . . . but taking from thieves can lead to disastrous consequences, including the kidnapping of Pepper—James’ younger sister—and a rescue attempt that explodes (literally) in their faces. The thrilling and dangerous adventure is just beginning. It’s Now or Never as Cal, James, and Pepper try to escape a despicable family of goons and knuckleheads who will stop at nothing to reclaim their treasure.


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