The Lightning Within Us

By Mary Emerick 

Release Date: April 16, 2024


In the tinder-dry summer of 1978, two girls hiked up an Idaho mountain and only one returned. Now, fifteen years later, Lina Hudson lives in isolation on the rim of Hells Canyon in eastern Oregon, ever haunted by a memory. 

But a strange and unsigned postcard suggests that perhaps her once best friend is still alive. To know the truth, Lina must return to the town that was destroyed by fire and face the agonizing memories of the people who still live there. She will not be welcome.

Meet The Author

Mary Emerick

Mary Emerick is the author of three previous books: The Geography of Water, Fire in the Heart: a memoir of friendship, loss and wildfire; and The Last Layer of the Ocean: kayaking through love and loss on Alaska’s wild coast. She has also contributed many nature-based essays in anthologies and journals. Some of her best ideas come from long distance hiking. She would rather be a nomad, but lives happily in a log cabin in the mountains of Eastern Oregon. When not writing, she can be found chasing after three huskies, hiking long distance trails and chopping firewood.


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