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Legend Keepers: The Promise

By Bruce Smith

Release Date: August 13, 2024

Garson and Buddy are bound by the prophecy of looming peril foretold in an ancient legend. But a boy and a mountain goat’s unlikely friendship and determination are not enough to halt the return of the Great Warming. In this fast-paced and inspiring final book of the Legend Keepers eco-adventure, each must overcome personal challenges and enlist the help of others to safeguard Buddy’s home on Shining Mountain. Despite the odds, Garson and Buddy prove that no one is too small or ordinary to make a difference.

A blend of fact and fiction, Legend Keepers addresses the climate crisis in an extraordinary adventure at the roof of the world

The Widow of Escondido

By Emme Rocher

Release Date: September 17, 2024

In 1936, when Lorea Rose McKinley Hughes was young and hoping to revitalize a troubled marriage, she embarked on a roundtrip voyage to Paris. By chance, she meets a wealthy American land baron, Perry Frederick, and his invalid wife. This leads to years of self-discovery, independence and romance for Lorea. 

Years later, after Lorea’s death, her niece has the difficult task of dissolving the estate. What Lori Davis finds in her aunt’s art studio are hidden photos, journals, and a manuscript leading to surprising discoveries. Yet, that’s only the beginning of the mystery surrounding Lorea’s life.


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