Born to love the richness and magic of the wilds, Dana rode horses and learned to fly fish from her father, a legendary guide. She learned the names of flowers and trees, and the habits of animals that lived nearby . . . she knew what forces built the landscape she saw from her bedroom window, and grew up to find adventure in the wild places of the world.

Hers is truly a beautiful and fascinating story . . .

Wildflower Girl received the Idaho Library Association Book of the Year award (2019).

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A Lifelong Journey Beyond the Trail

Meet The Author

Dana Stewart Quinney

Growing up in Ketchum in the 1950’s, Dana Quinney found magic in the wilds that was this place in those days – unplowed, unskied, untracked, and unpeopled.  Her memoir, Wildflower Girl, recounts the life of an adventurous woman born for wild places, leading her to a distinguished career in field biology – working for Idaho Army National Guard, teaching at The College of Idaho and University of Idaho, and holding the position of Natural and Cultural Resources Manager for the State of Idaho Military.