Back to One Take 4: Slating Magic Hour

By Antonia Gavrihel

Release Date: April 30, 2024

The fourth book in the critically-acclaimed Back to One series takes us back sixteen years to introduce the two friends sooner in their lives and careers. Kyle, only twenty-four years old, is an up-and-coming movie star. Cate, just eighteen, has moved to Hollywood to start an acting career. Certainly, time can be a factor in the understanding of real love. 

Will the passions and mistakes of youth derail their friendship, the budding of a wondrous love? Or perhaps it will give them what they both have dreamed about–more years together.

Back To One Series

By Antonia Gavrihel

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Catherine Leigh and Kyle Weston have the perfect friendship — deep, lasting, and platonic. Friendship without sex? The world of gossip doesn’t buy it. Catherine is beautiful, trusting, and married. Kyle is a single, charming, handsome movie star with a tabloid reputation. Their bond may be magical and honest, but will the boundaries they have created to protect their friendship ultimately destroy it?

Antonia Gavrihel’s breakout novel touches the heart and imagination. It is a unique journey of friendship and love.

Meet The Author

Antonia Gavrihel

Born to an entertainment family — her father a comedian and actor, her mother a big band singer — Antonia was placed in front of a camera at an early age. She loved acting yet dreamed of being a writer. Words, along with the visuals and stories they form, became her passion.

The award-winning novel, Back to One, was created when she was raising a young son, building a career, and managing the everyday hurdles of life. After settling her son to sleep after work, she would write into the late hours of the night — for an entire year. Then after a twenty-five-year search for a publishing house to bring the novel to readers everywhere came a serendipitous event.  

Back to One: Take 2 Ambient Light came into being as Antonia updated Back to One’s setting from 1995 to 2005. Ambient Light reveals a deepening of Cate and Kyle’s friendship, flourishing careers and all the challenges associated with maintaining a normal life among the extraordinary. Inspired by the engaging characters, Antonia was motivated to continue their journey after turning the final page of the first novel. 

Her third novel in the Back to One series, Cinéma Vérité, uncovers the darker side of celebrity. 



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