Enjoy Author Scott Ziemer reading from his new book Jiemba & Friends!

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Meet The Author

Scott Ziemer

Author, Scott Ziemer lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife, Judy, and golden retriever, Piper. As a school counselor he worked with youth of all ages helping them learn friendship and conflict resolution skills. He likes to hike, read, and play tennis or racquetball for fun.

As a young adult, Scott had the opportunity to travel and experience Australia, an amazing place full of a wide variety of animals, geography, and culture. It seemed a natural and fun setting for this story about friendship.

Meet The Artist

Mariah Ziemer

Illustrator, Mariah Ziemer is the daughter of Scott Ziemer. After completing her bachelor’s degree in drawing and painting, Mariah spent time abroad in Scotland studying for a master’s degree in theology and the arts. 
As both admirer and illustrator of children’s stories, she is continually mesmerized by the genre’s ability to articulate profound truths of the human experience through simple, creative expressions. Working on Jiemba & Friends alongside her dad (and feeling the support by so many others over the years) is truly a dream come true.


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