Every Hidden Shelf author that released a book in 2021 has received at least one award or finalist recognition for their excellent writing and notable works of fiction! 

Browse the titles below and see for yourself what all the hype is about!

House Number 12 Block Number 3, Sana Balagamwala

Named as Foreword Reviews Gold Medal Multicultural Book of the Year in the prestigious Foreword Indies Awards

Pakistani-American debut author, Sana Balagamwala, beautifully chronicles a coming of age story that grapples with trauma, culture, love, and loss – set against the backdrop of Pakistan’s political unrest of the late 20th century. 

The house that has sheltered the Rahmat family for decades, House Number 12 on Block Number 3, has been the only witness to a horrific crime, knows Nadia’s tragic secret and the reason for her illness, and is compelled to narrate her story. This utterly original novel explores the misinformation and social taboos that surround mental illness and sexual violence in South Asian cultures. It shines a light on both the personal and the political, as it chronicles a time period in Pakistani history riddled with political strife and reveals how a country in turmoil reflects a young girl’s trauma.

“Gentle, evocative; an assured debut on a subject that has been swept under the rug for far too long.” –Sanam Maher, journalist and author of The sensational life of Qandeel Baloch.


The Souls of Clayhatchee, Anthony Todd Carlisle

Honored with three awards so far this year. Winner of Best African American Fiction in both the National Indie Excellence Book Award and the Next Generation Indie Book Award, and a Bronze Medalist for Best Regional Fiction (South) in the Indie Publishing Book Awards

A brilliant novel about family ties, generational racism, and a mysterious murder that casts its shadow across a man fulfilling his mother’s dying wish.

Some ghosts cannot stay buried.

“Through twists and turns down the dark roads of the Jim Crow era and today’s south, The Souls of Clayhatchee shines a light on the magnetism of family and the shattering effects of racist violence. Brisk, touching, and entertaining … sweeping me into a world I could never enter myself, and I will never forget.” — Paul Hertneky, author, Rust Belt Boy


Legend Keepers: The Chosen One, Bruce Smith

 Received two Silver Medal Awards from Feather Quill Book Awards, for Best Children’s Literature, and Best Animal Stories. 

 A debut middle grade novel by wildlife biologist and award-winning science writer, Bruce L. Smith

 In a perilous place at the roof of the world, an orphaned mountain goat is rescued from certain death by a mysterious raven. Communication between a mountain goat and raven might seem strange. But what becomes more unreachable is Buddy’s realization that she alone can save a band of goats from the great danger foretold in an ancient legend. This brilliant tale with a clever mix of discovery will spark the intellectual curiosity of every reader.

“Legend Keepers is a charming animal centric adventure sure to delight readers with a heart for the wilderness.”
––Rosanne Parry, NYT bestselling author of A Wolf Called Wander

Look for book #2 in the Legend Keepers Series, The Partnership, coming in August.


The Brave Historian, Robert D Gaines

Named a Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Fiction Book Awards

Toward the end of 1999, as the world anxiously anticipates a new century, John Hammond reluctantly celebrates a childhood goal—to live one hundred years.

Lately, the old man has been oddly energized, fading into dreams that are particularly vivid, strangely real. Also, in these dreams, he is suddenly young again, strong again, and the past so very real again.

When Shelly Kingston is hired to put together a short birthday documentary about John’s life, the young filmmaker is intrigued by the old man’s stories and his unpublished, unfinished writings. John Hammond is intrigued by her. 

Another distant dream . . .

“Captivating, visual, worthy of a screenplay. I loved the dream sequences and the way Gaines tackles the old/young sexuality theme. An engaging writer who handles dialogue beautifully.”
– Leo Armbruster – retired Judge, folk singer


Out of the Water, Ann Marie Stewart

Received the Bronze Medal for Regional Fiction (Mountain-West) in Independent Publishing Book Award, and was named as a Finalist in Best Women’s Fiction in the National Indie Excellence Award.

Check out Ann Marie Stewart’s Summer Book Tour Dates

Christy Award® winning author, Ann Marie Stewart delivers a powerful and heartfelt novel revealing five generations of secrets. In the search for healing and truth, a century of stories unravel from the stony cliffs of Ireland, to Boston, France, and Seattle.

With puzzling suspense, unforgettable characters, and uncanny insight, Out of the Water is an intoxicating novel of motherhood, secrets, and the profound ramifications our decisions have. Readers will be left wondering: ultimately, is it always better to know the truth?

“Moving, eloquent, and tender, Ann Marie Stewart’s novel, Out of the Water, follows five interconnected women seeking answers, wholeness, and their own definition of home.” –Jolina Petersheim, best-selling author of How the Light Gets In. 


Back to One, Antonia Gavrihel

listed as a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Award, and shortlisted for the Chanticleer International Book Awards. 

Catherine Leigh and Kyle Weston have the perfect friendship—deep, lasting, and platonic. Friendship without sex? The world of gossip doesn’t buy it. You see, Catherine is beautiful, trusting, and married. Kyle is single, charming, a handsome movie star with a tabloid reputation.

Their bond may be magical and honest, but will the boundaries they have created to protect their friendship ultimately destroy it?

 Antonia Gavrihel’s breakout novel is thought-provoking, beautifully written, and unique.

“Back to One” is captivating and a book you can’t put down! The eloquent choice of words and the beautiful imagery throughout the book left me with a movie in my mind. I’ve never read a novel with such twist in love. This is a must read. Get ready to settle in for an amazing story of love!  –Sevim Whitaker, Educational Specialist

Look for the second book in the series, Ambient Light, coming this September!



  1. Vanesa

    hello, wish all the authors a lot of accomplishments.

  2. Neha Marium

    Great Publisher House.

  3. Aneeq Ahmad

    I have no idea what I’d do with myself if there were no books to read – they’re an essential part of work and play for me, and without them, I’d probably be a very different person.
    Still, when people ask why I love books or reading, or why I brighten up every time I spy a bookstore or library, I can’t always find the right words to express myself. Thankfully, several people have already done it for me.

  4. Molina07

    House number 12, block number 3 sounds intriguing. I’m curious about it and i would love to read. South Asian culture and a crime in a home.

  5. Maryam Tahir

    The souls of clayhatchee intrigues me the most amongst the award winning books.


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