December 3, 2021

10 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers (That Aren’t Books)

From book themed teas to a book embosser to enhance their personal library– you’ll find a creative option for all the book lovers in your life!


Award-winning author Ann Marie Stewart shares this insight about bookish gifts ideas: 

“I find it fun to give gifts or foods that are IN the books they are reading. In my new novel OUT OF THE WATER, I would give gingerbread men or cookie cutters, Irish tea, a mix for Italian soup, or a postcard or poster of one of the 60 classics mentioned in the book. Giving a reader a basket of goodies for snuggling the winter away reading by the fire is a consumable and thoughtful present. Fuzzy warm socks, hand lotion, lip balm, popcorn, hot cocoa or apple cider packets, a box of shortbread, a scone mix and preserves , clever bookmarks, a little reading light, a rice bag microwave heating pad, a BIG mug.”

-Ann Marie Stewart, author of Out of the Water and Stars in the Grass

#1 Bookish Candles

#2 Enhance Their Personal Library

#3 Literary Coffee and Tea

Fable Grounds Coffee

Try bookish blends like,  Enchanted Library, Second Breakfast and Mount Doom (for LOTR Fans), or get the genre sample pack and taste the different between romance, sci fi, thriller, and fantasy.

Novel Tea Tins

Loose leaf tea in beautiful book shaped tins complete with witty names:  Matcha To Do About Nothing, War and Peach, Pride and Peppermint, Ann of Green Tea Gables, Pippi Oolong Stocking, and many more to fit your fancy.

#4 Book Ends

#5 Bookish Jewelry

Mini Book Earrings

Custom made from your favorite book covers! 


#7 Bookish Ornaments

Book Store Ornament

I love the idea of this cute ornament, just keep in mind it is a flat ornament, not 3-D like it appears. 

#8 Reading Journal/Log/Tracker

#9 Reading Glasses Holder

Planter glasses holder 

You can draw faces and designs with a dry erase marker!


#10 Library Themed Gifts

Library Card Socks 

John’s Crazy Socks also offers a subscription sock service- each month a new mystery sock! 



If shipping or time is an issue, or you just can’t decide– go with a gift card.

You can look up local indie bookstores at IndieBound and BookShop.  Gifts cards to a local bookstore allow the recipient to get a book and/or bookstores often have lots of options for other bookish themed merchandise as well!

And if you’re looking for book ideas that ARE books, check out these blogs posts: 

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Written by Rachel Wickstrom 

Rachel Wickstrom coordinates marketing at Hidden Shelf Publishing house. She’s an avid reader, master party-planner, craft enthusiast, a mom to two young boys with wildly long hair, and is married to a hospital chaplain. As an Oregon native, Rachel’s childhood memories are scented with juniper berries and the crisp mountain air of Central Oregon. She currently lives in Boise, Idaho where her days are scented with lukewarm coffee, and spilt snacks.

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