June 14, 2023

Summer Reading List 2023

 A book to read on a long flight. A book to read while lying in the hammock. A book to read while relaxing on the beach. A book to read when you wish you were relaxing on the beach.  A guilt-free option for entertaining your children. A new summer read for your book club. A book to complete your summer reading bingo sheet or the summer reading challenge at your library.

Whatever it is you are looking for we listed a few suggestions to get you started. 


Back to One Series

#1 Back to One, #2 Ambient Light, #3 Cinema Verite

With three books and two companion ebooks, this series will keep you reading through the summer! 

“A story of complex relationships, expertly told in a memorable and beautiful read … leaves a desire to know more after the last page has been turned.”—Torey Malatia, journalist and CEO of Rhode Island Public Radio

“Captivating … I’ve never read a novel with such a twist on love.”—Sevim Whitaker, Educational Specialist

“Gavrihel’s words flow effortlessly through her pen. She has a gift and I predict that all her books will be treasures.” —Dr. Lisa Anne Wilson, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Not Enough by Ada Brooks

Witty and mixed-up high school senior, Rose Moon, suffers from unbridled anxiety as she struggles to cope with an increasingly jaded reality. Sarcasm, marijuana, and her best friend, Gabby Thomas, become Rose’s saving grace while trapped in a cycle of abuse with intoxicatingly handsome Devin Miller … the father of her unborn child.

“A truly great read, perfect for the summer beach bag or to binge-read all night. I could hardly put it down! Five stars!” –5-Star Amazon Review

The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece by Tom Hanks

As a self-proclaimed member of the Tom Hanks fan club, I am excited to check out his new book!

Owner of a Lonely Heart: A Memoir by Beth Nguyen

“Owner of a Lonely Heart is a memoir about parenthood, absence, and the condition of being a refugee: the story of Beth’s relationship with her mother. Beth tells a coming-of-age story that spans her own Midwestern childhood, her first meeting with her mother, and becoming a parent herself. Vivid and illuminating, Owner of a Lonely Heart is a deeply personal story of family, connection, and belonging: as a daughter, a mother, and as a Vietnamese refugee in America.”


Wildflower Girl: A Lifelong Journey Beyond the Trail

by Dana Stewart Quinney 

2019 Idaho Library Association Book of the Year Award Recipient! 

Wildflower Girl is the autobiographical story of Dana Quinney, a girl who grew up in Ketchum, Idaho during the 1950s and became a field biologist.

Born to love the richness and magic of the wilds, Dana rode horses and learned to fly fish from her father, a legendary guide. She learned the names of flowers and trees, and the habits of animals that lived nearby . . . she knew what forces built the landscape she saw from her bedroom window, and grew up to find adventure in the wild places of the world.

Heidelberg: Of the Norfolk 17

by Robert D. Gaines and Andrew Heidelberg

The true story of Andrew Heidelberg, who against incredible barriers, became the first African-American to play previously “white” high school football in the South. The story, as told by Andrew to Robert D. Gaines, covers his childhood in the racist South, the NAACP recruitment of children to integrate the white public schools, integration by The Norfolk 17 in 1959, and Andrew’s impact when he made and ultimately starred for the Norview High School football team.

“Superb … Gaines and Heidelberg dive deeply into a fierce, rich, and soul-stirring chronicle of how a Black teen passed through a gauntlet of jeering whites to eventually become the first to integrate all-white high school football in the South … a relentlessly honest account filled with pain, triumph, inspiration and transformation.”
– Luressa Heidelberg, Andrew’s widow, author of Breaking Silence 



Books for Kids (and kids at heart!)


Legend Keepers Series

The Chosen One and The Partnership

Facts and fantasy are woven together in this unique series that follows a young mountain goat on a big adventure. Complete scientific info about animals, habitats, and climate change you don’t want to miss this page-turning tale!


Good Dog Series 

Early Reader chapter books. An adorable pup living on a farm with his other animal friends. One of my 6-year-old’s favorites!

Investigators Graphic Novel Series

Graphic novel series that follows alligator detectives as they solve silly mysteries. A new favorite of my 10-year-old!

Written by Rachel Wickstrom 

Rachel Wickstrom coordinates marketing at Hidden Shelf Publishing house. She’s an avid reader, master party-planner, craft enthusiast, a mom to two young boys with wildly long hair, and is married to a hospital chaplain. As an Oregon native, Rachel’s childhood memories are scented with juniper berries and the crisp mountain air of Central Oregon. She currently lives in Boise, Idaho where her days are scented with lukewarm coffee, and spilled snacks.

Recent Posts

Legend Keepers in the News

Legend Keepers in the News

The Legend Keepers Series has won three awards due to its uniquely crafted narrative and important message– a blend of fantasy and fiction promoting an environmental message!

“I blended what we know about animals from research, and what we would like to know about animals but don’t — the stuff we imagine and wish we knew,” he said. “As a novelist, I have this freedom that I don’t have as a scientist writing nonfiction.”

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Celebrating the Earth and Environmental Education: A Message From Our Kids’ Future

Celebrating the Earth and Environmental Education: A Message From Our Kids’ Future

Science has the wonderful capacity to open young minds to possibilities. It prompts them to ask questions about the world they live in, especially the “how” and “why” questions.

I also believe that literature can enhance classroom science education. Both nonfiction and fiction—including eco-fiction—convey engaging and evocative examples of science in action. Such storytelling helps both young and old to see what’s possible. Stories inspire us to imagine what could be. We need to be able to imagine, to dream of the future we want. Only then can we seek and achieve it. This is our shared responsibility to future generations, and to planet Earth.

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Green Earth Books: A Book List for Earth Day!

Green Earth Books: A Book List for Earth Day!

My favorite way of exploring any topic with my kids is—you guessed it, with books! There are many books that cover topics of pollution, the Earth, climate change, environmental activism and activists, recycling, science and scientists, plants and animals, both fiction and nonfiction, picture books, and chapter books. I am grateful for the wide variety, but it can sometimes make it a bit tricky to know just where to start. Here’s a quick tip–find a list of books that have been nominated for or won an award. These books have been vetted and have a stamp of approval. For my 2023 Earth Day Book Recommendation List, I am pulling from The Green Earth Book Awards. Seems pretty fitting for Earth Day, don’t you think? 

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