Serious Literature. Unique History.
Beautifully Crafted.

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Promise Lost

Patriotism – Compassion
Character – Determination
All-American Football Star
“The Perfect Marine”
And then came Vietnam

Loose Chronicles

Loose Chronicles: Dog from a Distant Universe is packed with bone-gnawing adventure.

And, it’s a true story . . .
sort of . . .

Cal has been relocated—again…

This time, to a new country, the coast of northwest Canada…

No friends. Far from home. And Uncle J seems disinterested in befriending his displaced nephew…

Wildflower Girl received the Idaho Library Association Book of the Year award (2019).

It was the end of 1999 and the world was anxiously anticipating a new century while John Hammond was reluctantly celebrating a childhood goal – to live one hundred years. 

The Souls of Clayhatchee

by Anthony Todd Carlisle

Familial relationships that had once felt like acquaintanceships, are now deepened by the unfolding experiences of trauma, murder and exposed secrets. James must come to terms with a past that has haunted his family for decades, while forging a path for his own future.

To be creative, you must trust your own voice, establish your own style.

The goal of Hidden Shelf is simple –
connect serious readers to great writers.

Newest Release

Canadian Contraband

The stakes are high when Calvin’s new friend finagles him into a world of shady characters and questionable activities. Her name is Adi and Cal can’t resist her Honda 90, her own island off the Canadian coast – with an abandoned World War II pillbox – and her penchant for exciting adventure.

But when things turn deadly, Uncle J must take drastic steps to escape the hurricane of trouble Cal and Adi have created. Their world suddenly expands to back-country survival and life and death decisions.

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Hidden Shelf Gift Guide 2020

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Non-Fiction November

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Author Spotlight Featuring Scott Ziemer

Author Spotlight Featuring Scott Ziemer

Basic info:
Full Name: Scott Ziemer
Printed works: Jiemba & Friends
Current Projects: Jiemba II, III,
Background, Growing up, and a little bit about yourself: Where did you grow up? Lakewood, (Southern) California
Describe your hometown in three words: Friendly, Scenic, Growing.

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Serious Literature. Unique History.
Beautifully Crafted.

Hidden Shelf is an independent publishing company based in Idaho. We provide quality content to local readers and world-wide readers alike! Our mission is to take a serious approach to our unique stories. Hidden Shelf currently has a small, but continuously growing, collection of books and eBooks available through

While works wonderfully for the individual consumer, retailers can find Hidden Shelf books through Ingram. Our print-on-demand method of providing reading material is environmentally friendly and efficient with quick and quality results.

Seven years ago, when Bob Gaines had finally been lucky enough to be signed by a literary agent, he told her about his novel, The Brave Historian. While she loved the concept, she only handled nonfiction.

“With fiction,” she said, “the big publishing houses don’t want to take a chance on unknowns. Of course, when somebody does manage to publish something different that finds success, all the other publishers then want to copy it.”

Literary agents and editors were becoming extremely frustrated that the fate of great literature was now being decided in corporate board rooms based on accounting projections. “They will print Lady Gaga’s autobiography,” she added, “but snub the next Ernest Hemingway.”

Based in a beautiful mountain town in Idaho, Hidden Shelf was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing wonderful and creative works to an audience of passionate readers. We have six more books scheduled for the next year and plan to double that by 2020.

Welcome to the Hidden Shelf . . .  


“The reader is drawn into the epicenter of the action . . . a must-read . . .”

—Steve Van Atta, writer, editor


Difficult to put down (“just one more chapter”), yet exciting to reengage with at the next opportune time.

– A. Kovacs


It’s must reading for anyone who wants to know what it’s like to go to war, and for every politician involved in sending our sons and daughters into harm’s way.

– Hon Lee

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