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Way Down – The Movie

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In the first novel, Back to One, the story of an unlikely abiding friendship between Cate and Kyle, the reader enters a world of celebrity and gossip. Back to One: Take 2 Ambient Light expands that world, including a segment about a movie starring Cate and Kyle. Way Down, as described in Ambient Light, is “an action thriller with humor and a nice kick to it.”

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Meet The Author

Antonia Gavrihel

Born to an entertainment family — her father a comedian and actor, her mother a big band singer — Antonia was placed in front of a camera at an early age. She loved acting yet dreamed of being a writer. Words, along with the visuals and stories they form, became her passion.

Back to One was created when she was raising a young son, building a career, and managing the everyday hurdles of life. After work, after settling her son to sleep, she would write into the late hours of the night.

Back to One is the first in the forthcoming series of books capturing Cate and Kyle’s story.

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