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December 11, 2019

One Christmas Lasts Forever Car Ornament Craft

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One Christmas Lasts Forever – Car Ornament Craft

It is no secret that I love books. But what I love even more is when the opportunity arises to combine great books, with creative activities, or delicious recipes. This post will be about the former. But if you are salivating for a delicious recipe with a literary connection, be sure to check out this post : (Send Judah First Apple Pie Post)


As I read, One Christmas Lasts Forever by Robert D. Gaines, I longed to hold that orange car, with bright blue wheels in my hands. It reminded me of the bell from The Polar Express, a little piece of magic encased in a small tangible item. 
When I came across this idea, from Fun Loving Families, for a popsicle stick car ornament, I knew it would be something my kids and I could pull off with very little drama, and would pair nicely with reading the story, One Christmas Lasts Forever 
AND this would be a PERFECT GIFT IDEA for grandparents. One Christmas Lasts Forever, and a personalized handmade orange car, to go with it!
I opted to have my kids paint the popsicles sticks orange, rather than just purchasing orange-colored sticks, so that it would give them more to do. Plus, they love making a mess with paint. In, One Christmas Lasts Forever, the orange car is “hand-painted” so we decided to make our cars “hand-painted” as well.
We picked out bright blue buttons for the bright blue wheels, as mentioned in the story. 

While the paint was drying, we took the opportunity to read, One Christmas Lasts Forever.

Next, we began assembling the sticks into the shape of a car.

We used hot glue to piece the car together.

And there you have it, a “hand-painted orange car, with bright blue wheels.”

I was happy with the simplicity of the craft, as well as the ability to customize it with a photo.

I love the meaningful addition this ornament provides when giving One Christmas Lasts Forever, as a gift. Or just to make with your family, so that you can hold your own “hand-painted orange car, with bright blue wheels” in your hands. 


Written by Rachel Wickstrom 

Rachel Wickstrom coordinates marketing at Hidden Shelf Publishing house. She’s an avid reader, master party-planner, craft enthusiast, a mom to two young boys with wildly long hair, and is married to a hospital chaplain. As an Oregon native, Rachel’s childhood memories are scented with juniper berries and the crisp mountain air of Central Oregon. She currently lives in Boise, Idaho where her days are scented with lukewarm coffee, and spilled snacks.

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